Troy Shambhala in October

Dear Troy Shambhala,

The hues of summer are draining back into the earth, and the wind takes more warmth than it gives. October is getting down to brass tacks. Sitting each Thursday in October is from 6:30-7:30 PM, as usual. And do join us for the following extras after sitting:

Oct 3: Group dinner in downtown Troy – After sitting we’ll plan for a group dinner in downtown Troy (optional of course). It has been wonderful to reignite this tradition.
Oct 10:  Lovingkindness Practice: We’ll devote half of the session to a guided contemplation on compassion. This powerful practice, developed by Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown, was given to us during a recent visit. The practice is optional and instruction will be provided. And then, Snacks! – Food, Conversation, and Meditation is the order for the day. We can do all of that in one shot! Feel free to bring something to share!
Oct 17: Book StudyShambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chögyam Trungpa – Chapter 11. This Thursday, we will study SSPW as a group. Perhaps this text has been staring at you from the shelf for a while; now is a great opportunity to crack it open. We’ll discuss Chapter 11 together. Try to read the chapter ahead of time.
Oct 24:  Pema Time – The last Thursday of each month is reserved to hear from Pema Chödrön. We’ll read a chapter from one of her phenomenal texts or listen to a short teaching.

Oct 31: No sitting on Halloween – We’ll see you on Nov 7!

Running (or Walking) with the Mind of Meditation
Monday, Oct 21, at 6:30PM:
For details and registration:

Please register! This event will be canceled without a minimum of registrations. Thank you.

Suggested donation: $5.00

See you!