Troy Shambhala in the Summer (Still Online!)

Dear Troy Shambhala,

We had a little email glitch, so this is a week in the making.

The Shambhala Meditation Group of Troy is conducting practice sessions online via Zoom. We hope you’ll join us. Meeting this way has been surprisingly rich these past few months. You can find the link to the meeting room below. This first week of July, we will continue our exploration of the Four Reminders, or the Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind to the Dharma, with a contemplation practice on the faults of Samsara.

Normal time, Every Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30 PM.
Starting at 6:00 PM, we introduce the meditation instruction. So if you would like a refresher on the practice, log in a bit before then. And if you know someone who wishes to learn, please tell them about our sessions. Geography is no longer an issue and everyone is welcome.

If you have not used the Zoom meeting before, please log in a few minutes early to check with the host regarding your equipment, mainly testing the mic and camera.

For the Zoom meeting info, please register, or write to [email protected]

Take care of yourselves.

With Love,
Troy Shambhala